Control Data Usage in Android

Hello friends here I come with some tips to control data usage in android phones. We all are well aware that, how when we ON data traffic in android phones, not only the particular app, which we want to use, consumes the data but other apps also start consuming. Let me show you some ways to control it.

data usage in android

There are two ways to control your data usage

1. Restricting background data

Many of you may not be knowing that there is a feature in our android phones called as “restrict background data”.  When you restrict background data, apps only use the data when you start them. And you will not get any notifications from the apps until and unless you open them.

  • To restrict background data, go to settings>>data usage>>check the box of ‘set mobile data’>>menu button of your device>>restrict background data

2. Restricting all data

Restricting all data can be used in two cases:

a. To restrict all data of a particular app

When we restrict all data of a particular app the app will no more use your data i.e., even if you open the app it will not be able to use the data and will ask you to connect to the internet first.

  • To restrict all data settings>>data usage>>scroll down >>click on the app(for which you want to restrict all data)>>check the box that’s it, done .

b. Restricting all data of all apps except one app

As above, now restrict all data of all the apps you don’t want to use and leave those which you want to use. I personally consider this one to be more effective , though it takes some time, can use this method when you have very low amount of data balance.  Also don’t forget to  restrict the background data of the app you want to use, to ensure that it doesn’t consumes data in the background.

Now you can effectively use your data friends enjoy!

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  1. sampath

    when we restricted all the data of all the apps we can’t start a single app because the box to uncheck will be disabled when we’ve restricted data of all apps… if any possible Sol.n plz tell me
    thank you

    • vikas

      sampath don’t off the mobile data as u will not be able to use any app after doing this. Instead keep the mobile data on but restrict ‘all data usage’ of individual apps which I have explained above. I have made few changes in the post, u may read it again.

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